Discover Scuba Lagoon Dive - The Dive Centre

The protected Aroa Marine Reserve, located direct in front of the dive centre. This is the best spot on the island to go see fish while you do snorkeling. There we do a shallow Lagoon Dive/Intro Dive.

You will get a thorough introduction how to use your equipment, how to behave under water, a bit about physics and you will be teached some hand signals to communicate under water. Then you just walk over to the beach and enter the water. Discover the marine reserve from below within the safety of the reef whit it's abundant fish live, because it's just 2-3 meters deep.

If this is not enough for you, you have after the lagoon dive the possibility to do some skills so you are able to go forward and do a outer reef boat dive. The boat dive will be limited to 12 meters together with a Padi Instructor.