Open Water Dive - The Dive Centre

The boat anchor's in 12m for multilevel dives with small personalised groups with a max of 6 per guide. There is an extra qualified guide on the boat while you do your dive – boats are always manned. If you are experienced and you have a buddy to go with, you can go independently.

No one can tell in advance which side of the island you will be dive, because it's always weather dependent and the Dive Centre choose the best spot direct before the dive for the particular day.

In general you can dive all around the island (3 launch sites), Rarotonga has wrecks (but well broken up), caves, passages (south), drop offs e.g. .....!

You might see some reef sharks, turtles, eagle rays, maori wrasse, lion fish, spanish dancer, barracuda and much more. Rarotonga don't have big variety of soft corals (some small sponges, ghost corals, anemones) but therefore beautiful hard coral formations.

You can choose (depends on availability) to go out in the morning at 8.00 (which is usually the preferred time to dive) and in the afternoon at 12.30 for a 2 tank dive. After the dives you relax in the dive centre with tropical fruit and a hot/cold drink.