Pacific Voyaging Tours

Just as naturally, current conditions of island supply/shipping and trends in Adventure Travel are major factors in consideration. The promise of success in this proposed Aux-Sail Trading Schooner venture comes from drawing upon the strengths of these earlier operations and reducing or eliminating their respective inherent weaknesses as well as responding to and taking advantage of current conditions, trends and needs in island traffic and the adventure travel industry.

Pacific Voyager

“Tiare Taporo” is a full powered commercial auxiliary sailing vessel designed to carry passengers, cargo and trade goods as well as vocationally train young mariners throughout the Cook Islands of the South Pacific in regularly scheduled and reliable service out of Rarotonga and Aitutaki.
Pacific Voyager - Tiare Taparo proofMarker
Duration Depends on tour
Available Year around
Price From NZ$50.00
Type Tailor made
Tour Leader Tour Guide
Transfer Meet us at the wharf
Included Full Board
Essential Info Whale watching, diving & snorkelling
Restriction Max. 30 passengers